The Gift of Being

By Victoria A. Vetere, PhD, HC
Enlightened Life Coach

In this fast-paced, hectic, non-focused world of Doing, we need more oppotunties to experience our Being. Other forms of yoga, including Hatha, Astanga, Mysore, and so forth, are about centering and the internal experience of our Being. However they are still versions of the Yang experience of Yoga. They are movement focused. In Restorative Yoga, we have an opportunity to experience pure Yin, stillness, release and total relaxation.

In Restorative practice, the body is supported and pampered in all ways. Multiple props are used to allow the body to totally sink into very deep states of relaxation and release. Not only does the body enjoy this needed repose, but so does the mind. In our daily lives, we cannot seem to stop Doing. We are obsessed with it in fact.

To offer our nervous system the recalibrating, rebalancing, and replenishing of Restorative Yoga, is truly a gift to ourselves. And you truly cannot appreciate the value of this gift until you receive it. Many students leave class commenting on how they did not even realize their state of fatigue and agitation until they experienced what it was like to release it.

In my practice as an Enlightened Life Coach, I note how levels of unrest, imbalance, and stress negatively affect the lives of my clients. I often recommend that they incorporate Restorative Yoga into their self-care routines. Learning poses in class allows them to practice at home as well. Regular Restorative practice alleviates tension, aids in restful sleep, helps with digestion and elimination, clarifies the mind, and smooths out the emotions.

In a world that is sorely over-Yang-ed, I say “Let more Yin in!” True strength is reflected in the beautiful blending of flexibility, peacefulness, balance, and love. It is only in balancing both Yin + Yang that this is experienced. Restorative Yoga is the key to allowing ourselves this experience.

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  1. Gail Sky

    Victoria, well said. Gail Spirit Sky