Black Abyss

In the movie version of my life, a close up of the blood-shot eyes of Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp will open the scene and the camera will pull back to show a limping and cowering wretch pull himself up to the front desk at Yoga on High. My tear stained face contrasting with the effervescent YOHI goddesses. My closed fist slowly opens to reveal crumpled paper that only hours earlier was a pristine gift certificate to Yoga on High.

The front desk goddess smiles and cheerfully intones, “You must be here for the Urban Zen class. Please take off your shoes and you may go into that room now.” Ominous music plays as I work my crumpled body and mind through the passage. Once through this mysterious portal, powerful beams of light and dancing fairies transform me to the box office star everyone lined up for days to see.

Some artistic license must be taken to make the movie fit the right demographics, but my introduction to Urban Zen was more dramatic and life changing than the Johnny Depp version.

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Student Spotlight: Rich Burke

I watched and admired a friend practice yoga. It appeared to be not only physical, but also spiritual which really appealed to me. I thought about trying it for sev­eral months, and luckily I found Yoga On High. I begged my way into a full Dynam­ic Hatha for Beginners class with Marcia and have been hooked ever since. Read More…
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