setting intentions

Strong, Beautiful, Grateful, Deserving

by Michele Vinbury

We are faced with hundreds of choices a day, from whether to get up when the alarm goes off, to how to respond to the morning news, where to eat for lunch and how many books to read our kids at bedtime.  How we make these choices is one of the keys to living with intention and achieving your aspirations.

In my 20’s I became interested in heath and fitness, and through these pursuits, I learned the basics of goal setting.  To be effective, goals should be written, attainable, measurable and time bound.  I achieved some successes using this method, but it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I was truly inspired to put goal writing and intention setting into my daily routine.  I embraced this as a way of life, from fitness and health goals to parenting and personality aspirations, and was amazed by the results.

By putting some simple practices into place, I realized that I was capable of making things happen, and ultimately, creating the life I wanted to have. Read More…

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