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Meditation and Middle School Science

by Stephanie Estice

71 people talk about mind egoThe Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight by Lorin Roche, PhD
Sutra 71

People talk about mind and ego.
Let’s just drop this whole conversation.

Consider instead:
There is no mind.
There is no ego.

There is only the vivid reality
Of this surprising moment
At play, beckoning.

atom-1674878_1280 Pixabay CCOI remember the day in middle school science class when we learned about the vibration of atoms, and within them electrons, protons, and neutrons. We learned how these were the parts that resulted in solids, liquids, and gases. My science teacher’s voice faded into the background as I stared at my desk and imagined all the space in that “solid” which I couldn’t see. I gently touched the table; it felt solid. I looked at the air in the room. I almost didn’t dare, but I then looked at my hand. At this point, I was so focused on space, vibration and expansion, it was as if my teacher and the other students no longer existed, though I knew we were all still together in that science class and I could hear the teacher’s voice off in the distance. I felt fully immersed in my experience of that moment and, as my attention expanded to re-include my classmates and teacher and my experience of space in solid, I had a sense of shifted awareness.
Years later when I started a meditation practice as an adult, I thought I needed to learn something. Like so many, I felt meditation must be the answer to what was feeling out of control in my life -- my thoughts, my emotions. Life seemed to be running itself, in ways that weren’t comfortable, and I thought if I figured out this meditation thing, then I was sure my life would be perfect.

Now that I have spent many years practicing meditation, I feel like I’ve come full circle. All the variety of meditation practices which I’ve explored are simply revealing the possibilities of human experience, and how we have an opportunity in each moment to be with that experience of being human.

When I rest and trust in that which I already know, I can be with all that is happening, in and around me. As I look at the world around me, I can be open and have focus at the same time in a new way.

We all have experiences like this that we can share, and many of you may be nodding your head in recognition. And, at the same time, you may be wondering how did you get disconnected from what you know?

In classes, one of my favorite questions, often after we have experienced a brief meditation, is: “When do you experience Presence in your life -- that surprise of knowing ‘I am here, in and of this world, experiencing this moment’?” For years I asked this question many times in my private client work, too, and I would hear the same examples of human experience. I won’t write them here…you know the answer. If you’re not sure, ask a friend, a family member, or someone you admire. When you have your examples, seek opportunities for more. The more we see the opportunities for Presence in every moment, the more our lives reflect that experience we are seeking.

“…there is only the vivid reality of this surprising moment at play, beckoning.”

Stephanie Estice teaches meditation and mentors students and clients in private sessions. She can be found at Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute or onsite around central Ohio. For more information, look here or email here.


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