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teacherbiopicresized-5My twin brother has always been a very quiet person. There is no compulsion to speak. He’s never been talkative, and as we get older, he becomes even less so. I’ve always been the opposite. Overactive throat chakra syndrome is how I think of it. I read a lot about the throat chakra. It’s our communication center, and it’s where we interpret our feelings and our truths. I often hear people say things like, “I can’t wait to go home and be quiet.” Or, “I just need some space and silence.”  But typically, when that home-alone situation happens, or I’m sitting by a tranquil pond with only the sounds of the breeze and the birds, restlessness overcomes me. There’s a compulsion to be DOING something ALL of the time. Checking email, Googling something, texting, reading my horoscope, reading an article about astrology, reading the news, reading a menu, watching a show, Googling an actor on a show to see what other shows they’ve been on, watching the news, having a conversation, playing a game, cleaning, primping, plucking, driving, walking, purging, or spending. It never ends. The struggle to say and do nothing is real. In class, when it’s time for Savasana, there are always a couple of people struggling to get comfortable, to stop moving, to just rest and be in their bodies.

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