Supporting the Prenatal Experience

by Mary Sinclair

This is my 11thyear teaching prenatal yoga at Yoga on High and I find the spectrum of my experience fascinating! My teaching style continually evolves due to all I learn along the way. Being on the prenatal yoga scene is a surefire way to grow as a teacher, just like the pregnant body grows and changes.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching pregnant women is being a part of their support team.  I love to create and hold the space for them to come together to share their mutual experiences. After all, this may be the only time they get to be around other pregnant women. Class time becomes their sanctuary, letting them spread out, be themselves, share and gather information and share their common woes and celebrations as well.

Besides being supported by their shared experiences, they get my verbal and hands on guidance. Through gentle, effective movements I help them find relief from their aches and pains and give them techniques for managing the stresses of a continually changing body. Through simple relaxation, breathing and meditative practices they get the chance to rest in themselves and to calm and restore their nervous systems. This is vital to prenatal well-being as pregnant women are in a constant state of transition physically, and mentally and emotionally.

Another facet I find rewarding in teaching prenatal classes is helping to educate pregnant women about their pelvic floor health. I try to help them feel how their pelvic floor muscles work and understand how to gently tone as well as release these muscles. Doing so prepares the pelvic floor for the intensity of childbirth as well as supporting recovery postpartum. Pelvic floor exercises can be interesting and challenging!

If you have a nurturing, curious, playful or supportive way about you, the prenatal population may be a superb way for you to channel your unique gifts as a yoga teacher!


Mary Sinclair, a prenatal yoga teacher at Yoga on High, co-created the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training curriculum.

One Response to Supporting the Prenatal Experience
  1. Jenn

    Very nicely put Mary:) I’m so looking forward to this workshop again with you!!