Stories of Calm and Ease: An Urban Zen Trainee’s Blog

by Virginia Macali

Successes are being shared and celebrated.  With the 5-day Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program and 14 weeks of study and practice under our belts, we are now practicing Urban Zen protocols with friends and family.  Students already working in health care settings are practicing with patients.

The stories are being shared on our Facebook page, on the mentor calls, and in conversations in the studio before and after yoga classes.  Here are a few that caught my attention.

A trainee worked with a 95 year old man in a wheelchair.  She led him in upper and lower body movements and offered reiki.  After the session, his daughter said, “Dad, I haven’t seen you sit up so straight in a very long time.”

When the mother of a trainee was in medical situation, the trainee practiced Urban Zen.  She offered the essential oil Valor and reiki to her mom, along with teaching her bumble bee breath.

When an IV was inserted, it went in quicker and easier than it had in the past.  The patient, medical professionals, and family were calmed and heartened.

A yoga teacher and Urban Zen trainee teaches yoga to a class of 8 to 10 year olds.  During one class, one of the students wanted to know what to do about headaches.  The teacher offered reiki to all the girls during savasana.  She felt each girl’s body relax with the reiki touch on their heads.  The student’s headache eased up.

A nurse worked with a patient who was in pain and on full supine bed rest.  She invited the patient to smell lavender oil.  She guided her to do the finger to thumb exercise and spreading toes wide.  The patient felt relief and gratitude.

Many of us worked with friends who reported no health issues or symptoms.  After going through Urban Zen protocol, they were surprised how much better they felt.  They reported feeling deeply relaxed and more refreshed than a night’s sleep.   They were excited to learn that putting their legs up on a chair for a few minutes or watching the breath could make such a big difference and they could do this on their own.

We’re grateful that people are benefitting from Urban Zen and have found comfort, support, care, and ease.  We continue to practice on our own and with others and look forward to our next 5-day training and practicum experience in 2014.


Virginia Macali is a trainee in the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program in Columbus, Ohio.