Stephanie Lopez Talks about iRest

by Stephanie Lopez

We dismiss so much -- our self-judgment and criticism are often the refusal of what life brings to our doorstep, whether it be the car that swerved in front of us, the anxiety that keeps presenting itself, the sadness gnawing at the mind, the pain throbbing in the body.  What if you could learn to meet life just as it is?  What if you learned to accept what life is offering and finally listened deeply to the authentic response arising to meet this moment with right action.

This is part of the culmination of iRest yoga nidra meditation. It’s paradoxical to learn a “practice” that is really about living life from our home ground of Wholeness. Through the years I’ve experienced a shift from living with a sense of inadequacy and resisting thoughts, feelings, and events in life -- to engaging authentically, moment to moment.  I’ve learned to listen and feel deeply into an inner response that is no longer bound by reactions from old patterns. It is so freeing. It’s about letting go of the expectation that life should be other than what it is…even though goals and preferences still arise. It’s about knowing that I Am -- simply being with an openness and vulnerability.  As my friend Kelly Boys says, living with an “undefended heart.”

It helps to be truly safe with yourself. Consider for a moment what this would mean. Perhaps to set limits and uphold them? To let go of self-criticism and constant judgment? To speak honestly? To set and follow through with commitments that are reasonable? Perhaps it could mean being kind to yourself? Making time to nurture yourself or cultivate pleasure and joy?

These steps support embracing yourself and life just as they are. They cultivate an undefended and fully-open living of life. They allow one to step out of self-protection and criticism, and open into honesty, authenticity, and the vulnerability to be seen, heard, and feel connected. Life wants to live as a unique expression through you! This practice is a way of living; I now meet all parts of myself, including those most criticized, rejected, and disowned.  By being aware and feeling into what is arising in me, I fully acknowledge myself or another. Time after time this releases me into a sense of wholeness and interconnection. At its heart iRest is a teaching about how to be a loving and kind human being. It is a teaching that reveals our ground of wholeness and well-being that is ever present no matter life’s circumstances.

If this sounds interesting to you please join me in my next iRest yoga nidra class where we can explore together.

Until then, be well.