Student Spotlight: Rich Burke

I watched and admired a friend practice yoga. It appeared to be not only physical, but also spiritual which really appealed to me. I thought about trying it for sev­eral months, and luckily I found Yoga On High. I begged my way into a full Dynam­ic Hatha for Beginners class with Marcia and have been hooked ever since.

Hatha!!!! I must admit though that I would like to try some other styles if I can build up the nerve. I also try to attend as many of Lori’s Urban Zen classes as I can.

Just under ten months. I wish that I had found Yoga and YOHI years ago!!!!

Hmmm…I think that I would enjoy two or three classes a day in an outdoor set­ting with some Urban Zen (with lots of Reiki) between practices. Since this a dream yoga retreat, I would love to have my daughters with me. The rest of the time would include a little quiet time, but mostly happy times with healthy doses of laughter.

For me there have been many. First and foremost, yoga has invited me to venture outside of my neat and tidy conventional box to explore new things. I have lived and worked in a very structured envi­ronment most of my life and have found yoga to be a wonderful departure from that world and it has opened me to many new experiences.

The Staff! From the first time I was at YOHI, they have been welcoming and helpful. The “Desk Goddesses” are al­ways helpful and friendly! I am sure that I wear them out, but I do so enjoy them. Don’t tell them, but I consider them to be my YOHI daughters. The Instructors are all talented and caring. Marcia’s methods and approach engaged and inspired me. Angie encourages me and gets a hug before and after almost every class. She once said to me, “Rich, are you in compe­tition with your body?” My subconscious reminds me of that guidance in every class. Lori introduced me to essential oils and Reiki which I never would have expected to feel or appreciate and now always look forward to. I have never been disappointed by and have enjoyed every YOHI instructor!!!

YOHI isn’t just a yoga studio or a business. It’s a community of caring and dedicated staff and patrons. I feel blessed to have found Yoga On high! Namaste!

“I have lived and worked in a very structured envi­ronment most of my life and have found yoga to be a wonderful departure…”