Profile of a Yogi: Jennifer Gleichauf

This is the second in a series of features on YOHI Teacher Training Institute graduates and students. Stay tuned each week to learn more about how Teacher Training (TT) has helped these yogis learn, grow and blossom in our community and elsewhere!

“My favorite thing about being a yoga teacher is sharing my passion for yoga,” said Jennifer Gleichauf, owner of Nurture Yoga in Dublin, Ohio. “I am a nurturer, which you can guess from the name of my studio!” After her children moved away and she stopped teaching pre-school, Jennifer felt like she’d lost the focus of her nurturing-and that’s when she became serious about her yoga practice. She had dabbled in yoga for 20 years, but during the last 9, she intensified her practice, first finishing her 200 hour certification and then enrolling in YOHI’s 500-hour program.

Along with teaching, owning a business and studying for her 500-hr certification, Jennifer is also set to start YOHI’s new Urban Zen Integrative Therapy training this fall and will probably get her 500-hour therapeutic certification as well. Due to her interest in Urban Zen and therapeutic yoga, you might say she’s “hooked on gentle yoga.” When she first began teaching, she loved the beginners’ classes and the gentle yoga classes. “And then I realized that my parents, who are in their ’80s, wanted to try yoga, so I started chair yoga for them!” It’s now one of the most popular classes she teaches.

Jennifer’s words of advice for future teachers: “Follow your passion-it’s what I’ve been lucky enough to do!” She also said that during teacher training, Trainees might feel they will never remember all the information presented-but don’t worry. She say, “You remember what you need to, and then you learn from your students.”

Jennifer said that her favorite thing about teacher training is the community of teachers and fellow students. “I love my weekends with yogis and people that share my love. Learning, the owners of YOHI, the guest teachers that they bring to town… I can go on and on! Everything is just top notch. Everybody is just so nice there. A lot of wisdom in those owners! It’s hard to just pick one favorite thing.”

Jennifer also feels like it’s a way of life: “I’m going to be sad when it’s done, because I love to learn. But I suspect it will never be done, there’s always something to learn. I’ll never stop learning. Linda Oshins said to me, ‘I think you’ll be the first person to have all the certifications!'”

When she’s not teaching or working toward her certifications, Jennifer practices a hatha flow. “I love vinyasa, but I’m in my mid-’50s. The pushups aren’t my friend anymore!” she joked. Her favorite yoga pose is Warrior Two because it’s a great hip opener, good for the back, chest and arms. It’s also empowering and makes Jennifer feel strong.

But best of all? “My teacher would always say, ‘Look down your fingers and think of someone you love,'” Jennifer said. “I love that focus.”

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  1. Jenn

    So glad to know Jennifer! Looking forward to spending the year with you in UZ!