September Calendar of Events

Schedule Updates:
Short North:
Saturday 10:30a Hatha Beginner Drop-in with Melanie Miller
Monday & Wednesday 7:00a Mysore Beginner Drop-in Stella Cornet*
*Check web for up-to-date teacher updates and subs.

Free Classes @ Bend Active Lane Avenue
Sunday, September 3 from 11:00a to 12:00p Beginner Ashtanga with Correna Starbuck
Sunday, September 10 from 11:00a to 12:00p Vinyasa Flow with Jeremy Grace
Sunday, September 17 from 11:00a to 12:00p  Sekoia with Karine Wascher
Sunday, September 24 from 11:00a to 12:00p  Vinyasa Flow with Lara Falberg

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September 1 Mala Workshop with Evan Schlarb
September 8 Meditation Teacher Training Kick-off Weekend with Jasmine Grace
September 9 Bend & Brew with Jeremy Grace
September 11 Ayurvedic Foundations for Personal Wellness & Vibrant Living with Jasmine Grace
September 13 -15 Rodney Yee: Yoga Practice and Therapeutics
September 14 Flow through the Senses: Yoga at Olentangy Indian Caverns with Danielle Dugan
September 15 Open Class with Rodney & Colleen
September 16 Rodney Yee and Colleeen Saidman Yee: An Urban Zen Class
September 21 Slow Flow + iRest Meditation: Yoga at Olentangy Indian Caverns with Katie Whitsett
September 22 200 Hour Teacher Training Kick-off Weekend
September 23 Sekoia Spirit Journey: Panther with Michele Vinbury
September 29 -- October 1 A Weekend with Radiance Sutras with Lorin Roche

Upcoming Series Classes:
Monday, September 11 – October 30 from 6:30p to 8:30p
Ayurvedic Foundations for Personal Wellness & Vibrant Living with Jasmine Grace

Tuesdays, September 19 – October 24 from 11:15a to 12:00p
Mommy & Baby @ Step By Step Wellness – Westerville with Janet Braden

Tuesday, September 19 – October 24 from 4:30p to 5:45p
6-week Hatha Level 1 & 2 @ All Life Center – Powell with Melanie MIller

Tuesdays, September 19 – October 24 from 5:00p to 5:45p
Parent & Kid Yoga (ages 5-10) @ Step By Step Wellness – Westerville with Mary Lynn Niland

Tuesday, September 26 – October 31 from 9:30a to 10:45a
6-week Sekoia Series @ All Life Center – Powell with Alissa Jackson

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Upcoming Teacher Trainings:

200 Hour Teacher Training – Thursday Evening 9-Month Program
Thursday Evening Program Kickoff Weekend September 22-24, 2017

Upcoming Info Sessions:
Sunday, September 10th from 11:45a to 12:30p at Yoga on High

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300 Hour Teacher Training
1 to 3 Year Customizable Program and Rolling Enrollment
For questions or more information contact:


A Teacher Training Journey: Kelly Schulze

IMG_0094Entering Yoga Teacher Training at 41 years of age was a bit intimidating. I remember asking if I had to be “super bendy,” and wondering if I should know my spiritual union to be a Yoga Teacher. I interviewed several yoga schools, making a chart of the benefits and challenges of each, and I tried to take as many classes at each location as I could before I made a commitment. I was taking time away from my family—I have a husband of 19 years and 2 kids—plus diverting money towards something specifically for me and not the entire family.   June of 2016, I chose Yoga On High Teacher Training Institute and committed.

I chose YOHI Teacher Training Program because it was the only program that offered a diverse group of mentors who shared the teaching and each shared their own styles and interests. Following the Yoga trail for over 20 years, I knew there were lots of theories and that each student had their own experience. I wanted to meet as many teachers as I could and learn from them, to know how they guided these experiences. This program delivered that ten-fold! Also, for the entire year, I also chose to dedicate my practice to my family. Each time I stepped onto my mat to practice or into the studio for class, I started with remembering those who were supporting me at home.

Diversity was not just limited to the mentors; it included our family of student teachers, all of whom had amazing backgrounds and paths that all lead to YOHI. Each of us came to our mats every week, open and ready to learn not just from the mentor teachers, but from each other as well. We were lawyers, college students, artists, teachers, stay at home moms, and that is just the outward titles we used, we grew to know some of the deeper differences and see how yoga has truly transformed lives. Meeting each week allowed us to see each other consistently, building friendships that we are still nurturing after graduation.

Introduction weekend was a whirlwind! History, Philosophy, Terminology, Sanskrit, and hints about anatomy quizzes left me in a tailspin. Stopping that tailspin was the amazing staff, who were constantly observing us (not judging, but watching) for signs of overload. A break would be given, or an instructor would infuse humor, and before I knew it the weekend was over and I was left INVIGORATED!

Be open to the entire experience. Each class left me personally with something to work on in my own life. So, if nothing else, take a breath and soak in all that you can to deepen not just your practice, but who you are in this world.

Kelly Head ShotKelly was introduced to yoga her Freshman year at Ohio State with a Rodney Yee VHS tape. Twenty-two years later her yoga journey continues having earned her 200 Hour Teaching Certification from Yoga on High Teaching Training  Institute. Fifteen years of teaching high school students gives Kelly a presence that calms even the most nervous new student and, yet allows long time practitioners to know that she is there to guide each of them in their journey. Having a son with Autism has grown a passion for working with kids and teenagers that Kelly didn’t know she possessed. She enjoys working with kids of all ages, 8 to 99 years old!

Our next 200 Hour Teacher Training program begins September 22nd.  For more information, join us at our upcoming Free Info Session Sunday, August 27th from 11:45a to 12:30p with Michele Vinbury at Yoga on High. To apply or for questions, contact Breanna at

Watch Yoga on High Teacher Training video here.



Forming Compassion Through the Messy Contradictions


It seemed like just another Friday morning. I woke up too late, had breakfast, rushed 1.2 miles on my bike to the yoga studio. Drenched in summer morning sweat (WHY had I worn long sleeves?), I walked in the studio just in time for iRest® Yoga Nidra class.

For 2 to 3 years now, I’ve engaged in this practice of deep relaxation and guided meditation that helps practitioners heal “the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind. It is restorative in that it aids its practitioners in recognizing their underlying peace of mind that is always present amidst all changing circumstances of life.”

I don’t know about all that healing unresolved stuff, but the rest and relaxation I receive in this practice more thoroughly combats the stress and toxicity of daily life than any other practice I have tried. It is totally worth all the rushing around to get my 8:15 a.m. Friday morning class.

I had spent nearly the first 2 years doing this practice purely as a way to rest. Most of the time I didn’t hear (consciously) many of the words of the guided meditation. More recently though, I come in and out of a conscious knowledge of the flow of the words of the meditation. I actually engage in the practices which only a totally relaxed mind and body could delve into.

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News about Jerry Marcom, One of our Teachers

From Marcia Miller

Dear Yoga on High community,
Seems like I have been writing a lot of blogs recently that are hard to read. This will be another of those. I’m not going to say “brace yourself.” I can imagine you doing that already and instead I invite you to feel into your feet and the surface you are resting on. Get grounded and stay as open as possible.

Our dear Jerry Marcom has been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He is in the hospital now awaiting surgery, currently planned for this Friday, August 4.  We will know more about the type of tumor and what comes next after the surgery. Much is still unknown.

Now, feel your feet again, and let your breath keep coming and going. Read More…


This is What Grief Looks Like

by Marcia Miller

It’s 10:30 in the morning. Standing in my kitchen getting something for breakfast, I notice the bottle of alcohol in the fridge. A thought passes through my mind— “I could have a drink this morning and take the edge off.” The thought took me aback. It was loud and clear and not a thought I have ever had before in the middle of the day. It’s been a rough few months, longer really. My father died last year in April and a few days after the anniversary of his death my dear friend Martha died. A few weeks after that another friend died, and we had just buried him a few days ago. As is often common with grief, all the other deaths in my life were jostling in my heart for attention as well. I’ve been coughing for 3 weeks and counting. I even tripped and fell on the sidewalk the other day and cut my hand and bruised my arm. It felt like a lot—feels like a lot to integrate. A few times I have heard myself asking the universe to stop the death—just for now. Then the question of how long it should stop arises, and what about war in Syria and all the death that is not stopping in other places just because people want it to stop. The truth is death will not stop, the universe has its rules of life and death and just because I am feeling overwhelmed some days doesn’t change that. Sigh. I know this. My real yearning is to be with it, everything just as it is, to show up with soft, open eyes and a spacious heart, and that seems like a tall order many days. I’m grateful for that day in the kitchen considering a drink because the shock of noticing that thought helped me to clarify what I do want. I want to be present to myself and all my feelings. I want to be present to life as it is in all its pain and beauty, and there is plenty of that too. I want to be ALIVE. As my husband once said, “I want to be fully alive, even if it kills me.” Read More…


July Calendar of Events

Studio Closed July 3 at 2p and July 4 in observation of Independence Day

Schedule Updates:
Short North:
Tuesday 5:45p Hatha Level 1 with Colleen Leonardi
Sunday 10:30a Kid’s Yoga (ages 6-11) with Marina Zahran
Tuesday 4:00p Community Class -- Hot Flow Level 1 & 2 with Marina Zahran
Wednesday 6:00p Vinyasa Beginner Drop-in with Erin Shipley

July 1 Sound Journey with gongs, Bells and Sining Bowls with Crown of Eternity
July 6 Sekoia-Buti Yoga with Michele Vinbury, Karine Wascher and Victoria Frey
July 8 Sekoia Spriit Jounrey: Wolf with Michele Vinbury (Sold Out)
July 8 Bend & Brew with Jeremy Grace
July 14 UZIT Convcation 2017
July 14 – 16 Accessible Yoga with JoAnn Lyons
July 25 Book Conversations with Katherine Sweat
July 29 Chakras, Crystals and Ayurveda with Jasmine Grace

Upcoming Series Classes:
July 6 -- September 7 Thursdays 5:45p Prenatal with Mary Sinclair
July 10 – September 18 Mondays 4:00p MS Yoga with Jenn Gebhart
July 10 – August 14 Mondays 5:45p Dialogue about Death with Asana with Marcia Miller
July 10 – September 18 Mondays 6:00p Prenatal with Julie Carpenter @ SBS – Westerville
July 12 – September 6 Wednesdays 5:45p Hatha Basic New Beginners with Cindy Houpt
July 15 – September 16 Saturdays 12:00p MS Yoga with Jenn Gebhart
July 17 – September 25 Mondays 7:30p Prenatal with Jenn Gebhart
July 30 – September 3 Sundays 3:00p 6-Week Ashtanga Foundations with Correna Starbuck

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Upcoming Teacher Trainings:

UZIT (Urban Zen Integrative Therapy)
11 Month Program Kickoff Session: Wednesday, August 23 through Sunday, August 27
For questions or more information contact:

Upcoming Info Sessions:
Saturday, July 8th from 3:00p to 4:00p at Yoga on High with Marcia Miller
Saturday, August 5th from 4:00p to 5:00p at Yoga on High with Marcia Miller
Tuesday, August 8th from 7:30p to 8:30p (Phone Conference) with Marcia Miller

Ayurvedic Health Educator (AHE Part 1)
11-Month Weekend Program (equivalent to NAMA’s Ayurvedic Health Counselor)
Kick-off Weekend: August 26-27, 2017

Upcoming Info Sessions:
Saturday, July 29th from 4:30p to 5:30p with Jasmine Grace at Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute
Saturday, August 5th from 2:30p to 3:30p with Jasmine Grace at Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute

200 Hour Teacher Training – Thursday Evening 9-Month Program
Thursday Evening Program Kickoff Weekend September 22-24, 2017

Upcoming Info Sessions:
Saturday, July 1st from 2:00p to 2:45p at Yoga on High
Tuesday, August 15th from 6:00p to 6:45p at Yoga on High
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300 Hour Teacher Training
1 to 3 Year Customizable Program
Rolling Enrollment
For questions or more information contact:

Free 300 Hour Teacher Training Info Sessions:
Saturday, July 8th from 3:00p to 4:00p at Yoga on High with Marcia Miller


UZIT at Ronald McDonald House

By Lori Bower and Marcia Miller

IMG_0814Meet Mary (not her real name), a past resident of the Ronald McDonald House.  She was staying there to support her critically ill grandson, her daughter and her other two grandbabies.  Her young grandson had been a patient at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, for several months. Mary was visibly shaking, anxious, exhausted and so overwhelmed by her family’s situation that she was not sure she could continue to help. She had been trying to hold it together for her family but that day on a scale from 1 to 10 her stress was “off the charts.” We were in an Urban Zen Integrative Therapy session together.  First, I listened in order to gauge her needs, and then I made a plan. I offered her an essential oil and put her in a restorative pose called legs-up-the wall to address her exhaustion. I gave her reiki, a breath awareness practice and a body awareness meditation. Mary began to calm down and her shaking subsided. Toward the end of our session she began to cry and said she had never had the chance to cry. She had been so focused on taking care of everyone else she had forgotten what it felt like to be taken care of. She looked relaxed and was even smiling when we finished our time together. Mary was surprised and delighted to experience what a difference 20 minutes had made in the way she felt and at that point she was refreshed and ready to go back to the hospital to help her family in whatever way they needed. Read More…


June Calendar of Events

Schedule Updates:
6:30a Sekoia Level 1 & 2 with Marisa

June 2-4 Abiding in Silence Retreat with Linda Oshins & Marcia Miller
June 4 Ayurveda: Spirituality and Wellness with Hari Sharma
June 8 Book Conversations with Lara Falburg
June 9 Ayurvedic Goddess: Teas and Churnas with Jasmine Grace & Meredith Bury
June 16-17 Reiki Level 2 Linda Oshins and Michele Vinbury
June 24 Sekoia Spirit Journey: Otter with Michele Vinbury
June 25 Subtle Body Energy Linda Oshins
June 26 Reiki Share with ?
July 1 Sound Journey with Gongs, Bells, and Singing Bowls with Crown of Eternity
July 3 at 2p and July 4 Studio Closed for Red, White, and Boom and Independence Day Read More…

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