Linda Chun and Morning Mysore


Linda Chun

I am into my fifth month of teaching morning Mysore. Over the last several months I’ve had the chance to observe and contemplate things in a renewed way. Communicating so publically is not my natural tendency. However, I wouldn’t want people to misinterpret my fly-under-the-radar style as lack of interest or reflection. So here I am to share some thoughts.

The thing that I find myself coming back to repeatedly is this: The practice is the teacher.

I first started practicing ashtanga yoga 15 years ago. I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of Columbus’ ashtanga community, which has been around for at least that many years. Our awesome city draws the finest visiting teachers. We are home to passionate yogis who were dedicated to establishing ashtanga yoga here. This includes our very own, Martha Marcom. I’m forever grateful.

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Quantifying the Impact of Urban Zen

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy™ is a program that takes gentle yoga practices, along with Reiki and essential oil therapy, to patients in health care facilities, their families and their on-staff caregivers. It is designed to address the symptoms that often accompany illness and injury—pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion. Urban Zen therapy is extended to patients’ family members and caregivers because some or all of these same symptoms arise in them as a result of the stresses around caring for a loved one or patient who is ill or dying . Read More…


Yogi of the Month: Lane

Meet Lane, this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month. Lane is a community building yogi committed to her yoga practice as well sharing the benefits of health and wellbeing as a Lululemon Polaris employee. Lane is a proud owner of a new Manduka eKo mat and hand towel. Learn more about this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month. Read More…


Yoga Anywhere, Anytime

There are yoga poses and practices that are portable and easy to incorporate wherever you are. And they are powerfully effective, especially in the middle of your day. The following picture and note came from Rich Burke who is a helicopter pilot for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He loves his job but every time he goes out it is because a child is sick enough to need a helicopter ride to the hospital. Thankfully there is a helicopter and a pilot to take the child to the hospital. Rich has been a dedicated yogi for a few years now and with his short hair and military bearing (just retired from service after many years) he can talk about yoga to other men and then tend to listen to him.


My Med Crew and I had a long night last night. When things slowed down we stopped in the cafeteria at Children’s and talked about yoga, Urban Zen and self care. After we finished we had to wait for hospital security on the fourth floor of the hospital. (They have to be present when we take off or land at the hospital). Since we had a moment to wait my inner Yogi came out and my crew and I took a few moments for a bit of restorative yoga. Thank you, Marcia, Gail. Lori, and the rest of the YoHi staff for what I’ve learned from you all!! ~ Rich Burkeimage1


Halfway Home – A blog from Martha

Dear Yoga friends,
This note was written by Martha Marcom, a beloved founding partner of Yoga on High, to family and a few friends but it was too good to hear from her and not share it. She knows you are reading it and sends her love to all of you as well.

Dear Ones,

As I write this, we are just halfway through this world cruise—time to check in with my far away much-missed friends and family. This midway point comes as we are directly across the Earth in both time and distance—as far as we can be away from you. But now, as we leave Australia, we will come closer in time-zones and space. We are heading home.

I have had a miraculous journey so far. I arrived as a 90 pound weakling. Literally, even my shoes were too big. Empty bags of flesh hanging off of my bones, where my muscles used to be. I had to embark in January using a wheelchair, and now I am getting back to strong and up to 104. I offer humble thanks to my patient, determined, caring dear husband, who has shepherded me through this healing journey. We have been practicing yoga every morning at 5:30am on the dance floor of the ballroom, where we have a beautiful view of the day dawning. 5:30 is what it takes to get through a full ashtanga practice at a somewhat leisurely pace and be finished before Maria, the official yoga teacher, arrives to set up for her 8a class. It has taken all of this time to get back to the full circle of poses. Maria’s husband, Joe, is now joining us. This couple ,the Kitas, from PA, have been traveling the world teaching yoga for many winters now. So, to arise at 5, we have not been going to any of the evening entertainment or nightlife. Those mornings on the mat have been big medicine and I am so grateful to reclaim my yoga practice—and breath. And muscles.

We had weeks and weeks of just eating reading and resting and working back to the practice. I didn’t have the strength/endurance to really go ashore. It was in New Zealand that I really came back. It helped that my lovely sister, Connie, and bro-in-law Buzz arrived for this part of the journey and also that NZ is arguably the most beautiful place on Earth.

We began our NZ adventure with a hastily scheduled, unanticipated stop at the Bay of Islands when we could not tender into the inviting but rough waters of Roatonga, a magical-looking island—think Neverland—where we were planning a beach day in the turquoise waters, sugar white sands with a green volcanic mountain as the background. But, as everything is subject to change, off we went to the town of Paihia, NZ.

We’d met a lovely friend, Marc, from the Bay area of SF, with whom we’d planned an overland, overnight trip to the Bay of Islands before we (or anyone) knew about this impromptu add-on to our NZ itinerary. So we ended up going two times to the Bay of Islands, once by sea and the other by land. New Zealand is heart-stopingly, breathtakingly beautiful. The terrain is both lush and rugged and the land is an array of greens, and the sea is pinch-me, I’m-in-a dream aqua..with gorgeous mountains and islands.

We bought maps for the overland trip, had local beer at a cafe and explored a market. The next day Marc drove us out of Aukland in our rental Corolla—Marc figured that driving once in Great Britain in the ’80’s qualified him to drive on the “wrong” side of the road in the big city of Aukland and on the windy, mountainous two-lane roads. As wondrous as it is sailing along on the sea day after day,getting inside the country by land was a welcome change. There was constant beauty--no billboards and such flora as fern trees, occasional terraced hillsides, a legacy of the Maori. We took a ferry to Russell, a picture perfect old seaside town. Back in Paihia, where we spent the night at a hillside motel, we had fresh blueberry ice cream from a farmers market.

Our first impression of New Zealanders is that everyone is happy and friendly and loves their beautiful country. That didn’t change much as we traveled North to South.

I’ve only said a little about our travels but I’m longing to send this off and reach you while we have an internet connection. I will try again soon. Know that Jerry and I are thinking of you, would love to hear from you and look forward to seeing you again.

All love and every good wish,


Yogi of the Month: Evan

Meet Evan, this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month. Although new to the Yoga on High community, Evan’s gentle nature and dedication to his yoga journey shines. He is a student in the March 200hr Teacher Training program and is excited to explore the many facets of yoga. Evan is a proud owner of a new Manduka eKo mat and hand towel. Learn more about this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month. Read More…


Roger Cole: Long and Strong

I have studied many times with Roger Cole and love his excitement and joy of teaching and his blend of scientific rigor with great asana and pranayama teaching. He will be here April 24-25 with a program of interest to yoga students and teachers. In the meantime enjoy this article he wrote for the Yoga Journal a few years ago. -Marcia Miller

Long and Strong

by Roger Cole originally published at

Stretching your hamstrings is a bit like leading a reluctant mule. If you pull the mule, it will pull back. But you can coax the mule along if you make friends with it. Help the beast relax, give it a nice place to go, and it will happily follow you. Read More…


Yogi of the Month: Roberta

Meet this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month, Roberta!  Roberta is a student who stands out because of her friendly demeanor and her willingness to open her heart and mind to the practice.  It is always a pleasure to have her smiling face in class. Read More…

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