Our Mission

The owners (current and former) of Yoga on High sat together one day and drafted this Mission Statement. We reread it before every board meeting and center the work done at Yoga on High squarely on the intentions set forth in its message.

While it is posted on the YOHI website and hangs in the studio, we wanted to send it out to you in hopes that you will take a moment and review it. We are all part of one big community, and share in its purpose.


At Yoga on High, we want to ensure yoga is accessible to everyone. We offer various practices and forms of asana, meditation, Reiki, teacher training, ayurveda and other healing modalities.

  • We aspire
    • • To be an inclusive community of teachers and students, practicing and studying together for the purpose of self-awareness, health and fitness, well-being, and spiritual awakening.
    • • To have well trained, experienced teachers that meet each student where they are, supporting the student’s intention for practicing yoga.
    • • To do this within an environment that welcomes diversity with a joyous spirit.


Yoga on High is committed to the highest quality in all we do—from our staff, our teachers, all our programs, customer service and communication with our students, and the Yoga on High studio environment. We have highly trained, experienced and responsible teachers and staff who are caring and concerned about the goals of the students.

We ensure that everyone who enters Yoga on High is welcomed into an open-minded, non-judgmental and compassionate environment. Our goal is to provide yoga programs that offer something of value to everyone. We encourage students to come as they are, and we will meet them there! Can’t touch your toes? No worries, you don’t need to!

Yoga on High staff commit to being honest and authentic with each other and with students. Simply put, to being real. We strive to be ethical on every level—in our business dealings and our personal relationships. In our relationships, we strive to be fully present and committed to living our yogic values and practices.

We are committed to facilitating profound, transformational self-acceptance. We provide teachers, programs and an environment that sustains on-going, holistic approaches to all eight limbs of yoga and that represent and welcome different points of view. Our approach provides students multi-layered, multi-directional courses of study that support a clear, logical progression toward personal development and mastery at each student’s own pace.

Our community is a family that offers inclusive programs for everyone, including people who are not able to pay for it. We offer scholarships to Yoga on High programs as well as funding for specially designed programs through the Yoga on High Foundation. We also support numerous local charities.

Our family community involves other yoga studios, local businesses with goals in line with ours, and we strive to establish relationships that are fair and mutually beneficial to all of us.

In addition to our local community, we are a part of a larger yoga community that extends beyond Ohio. Every year we bring nationally and internationally recognized teachers to Yoga on High and into our lives and the lives of our students.

From the moment you enter Yoga on High, you are in sacred space, embracing peace, comfort and refuge. You can put down artifice and defenses and embrace and welcome all aspects of yourself whether you feel joyous and celebratory or are coping with difficult challenges. At Yoga on High, we are dedicated to supporting one another along the path.

At Yoga on High, our programs promote fitness, resilience, well-being, self knowledge, self-acceptance, family, healing, growth, beauty and balance. Yoga on High is a place to be who you are!

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