Moving on from Cancer Day Long Retreat, May 2013

By Marcia Miller

Thanks to our donors to the Yoga on High Foundation we were able to host 37 women with cancer for a day long retreat designed to give them rest, rejuvenation and tools for dealing with the stress and symptoms of their disease.  Thanks also to our 17 volunteers who took a day off to be with us for this special program. In addition to offering them the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy modalities of simple movement, restorative yoga, guided relaxation, reiki, and essential oil therapy, all participants were trained in basic reiki techniques.  Participants from our previous retreat requested to learn reiki for their own self-care and to be able to offer it to others in their families and community.  We were very happy to give them what they wanted.

Today we offer you photos and some quotes from the participants.  I know you will be smiling because their relief and joy are so apparent.  And, when we asked them their experience of several symptoms before and at the end of the day, they rated pain, anxiety, exhaustion and overall stress on a 10 point scale.  The average pain reduction was 3 points on the 10 point scale.  Exhaustion moved toward rest over 3 points (with some people moving 9 points from total exhaustion to complete rest.  Anxiety was reduced by over 3 points and the average stress reduction was 4 points!

Thanks also to Haven of Hope Cancer Foundation for offering important support for this program.

From the participants:

“Thanks for caring!”


“Thank you for a nurturing day.  I feel that I can now not only take care of myself better, but I can also take care of others more effectively.  By helping me, this has already expanded into helping others.  The effect is multifold.”

Numbers on the pre and post test as self reported by the participants:


Average pain reduction
3 points on a 10 point scale

Average stress reduction
4 points on a 10  point scale

Exhaustion to rest
average movement over 3 points

Anxiety average reduction
over 3 points


“Thank you for a day of compassion and fellowship.”





“I had chemo yesterday and this workshop significantly reduced my nausea and anxiety post-treatment.”








“This has been amazing and such a benefit.  Thank you all so much you have made me feel so cared for.”








Photographs by Michelle Fullmer

3 Responses to Moving on from Cancer Day Long Retreat, May 2013
  1. linda oshins

    I was there and I’m still moved by these photos! This was a very meaningful day for all concerned. I have sifted through different memories of people visiting relaxing before my eyes for the past week.

  2. Jenn

    It was an amazing day with a room full of inspiring people.

  3. Jenn

    It was an amazing day with inspiring people!