Mentoring a Healthy Community

This April, the Middle College National Consortium (MCNC) held their annual student leadership conference in Columbus, Ohio.  The Conference was hosted by the Charles School at Ohio Dominican University, a local 5-year early college high school.  The students in these programs are from under-resourced and under-served areas around the country, most will be the first in their families to attend college, some will be the first to graduate from high school.
The MCNC students spent their time in Columbus discussing the topic “Healthy Communities” and visiting area businesses that could further their understanding of what it means to develop and live in a healthy community.  The Yoga on High Foundation was honored to be selected to host and mentor a group of 20 students for a day and a half during the conference.  The program was a resounding success!  The students  enjoyed calm and peaceful moments, but also moments filled with noise, movement and laughter as they were lead through a range of yoga experiences from fast flowing sun salutes to restorative poses and seated pranayama.  Students were engaged in a needs and values leadership exercise and finished the program with an art and yoga project.

What the student participants said they took from the 2 days of classes with Michele Vinbury, Jasmine Astra-elle Grace, Angie Hay and Marybeth Hamilton:

“I learned how to treat my body better.”



“I learned about the marriage of body, mind and spirit and how it is all connected and comes together through the breath.”



“Yoga helped me feel a lot less stressed

and more relaxed”


“I felt freedom and comfort

with my body.”







“I learned it’s important to take time to hear/feel your body because it is alive and if you listen, it will tell you what it feels. We take for granted all it does for us. We need to take time to be tender to it. Because when we do, we are tender with ourselves.”










“I learned relaxation techniques and a new perspective on things.”








“I learned that yoga isn’t just for crazy people who have nothing better to do. But that it really does make you feel better as a whole.”








“I learned that you can listen to your body and hear what it is asking you for and what it needs and how to relax and feel better.”








“Yoga allows you to learn how to feel control and freedom within your body”







The students took many of these photos.

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