Meet your TT Team: Michele Vinbury

Meet Michele Vinbury, teacher in the 200 Hour Teacher Training program. Over the next several weeks, follow along as we introduce our 200 Hour Teacher Training faculty through a series of interviews.

What styles do you teach?
Vinyasa, Trauma Sensitive, Pranayama, Meditation.

Please list day/time of Yohi classes. 
Sunday 10:15a Sekoia
Various series classes throughout the week (these classes you sign up in advance for.)
Quarterly Sekoia Spirit Workshops

What is your teaching philosophy? Michele Vinbury YTT Columbus Ohio_3
The breath is primary.
I offer invitations to students to “take yourself less seriously.”
Everything you need for this crazy adventure is already inside of you . . . you just need to find the time and space to listen.

What are you finding inspiring right now?
Energy. Nature. The Moon. Fog has been showing up in my meditations – very visceral, the sense of magic and mystery. Both what is seen and unseen . . . it offers itself to deep explorations of both trust and fear.  I’ve always had a connection with the WIND, it is a portal for me into the mystery – opening to that which is unseen and yet, known – a force that is undeniable, uncontrollable, powerful, and sensual. It has been a teacher for me almost as long as I can remember and continues to inspire.
It was very clear that I wanted to teach yoga to women who had experienced trauma. I have worked and volunteered serving this population my entire adult life, and I knew that this was the path I wanted to take with yoga.

Michele Vinbury YTT Columbus Ohio_2What is your favorite vacation spot?
Ohohohoh!!! Mountains and/or the Beach and/or the Desert.  I am a fan of heat, and love the jungle – Hawaii and Costa Rica fit the bill. I also love alpine mountains – Northern Cascades are dreamy and I visited Banff, California for the first time last year and will visit again this year. Last spring New Mexico captured my heart--I want to return there with my family. This year though, our big family trip will be to Peru, the nation of my birth!

When you started practicing yoga, what did you find most challenging?

How about now?
Making sure I protect time for my personal practice.

Are you going to any workshops next year?  If so, what are they? 
I’m diving deep into my meditation practice again this year. I have a four-day iRest silent retreat this month in California. In April I will do a seven-day solo, self-guided, silent retreat through a Buddhist center in southern Colorado. I’ll be in a small one-room, secluded, mountain-side cabin (with no electricity or running water). Just me, mama earth, the wild animals, and my (wild) thoughts (ahhhhh!) 😉 This summer I will attend a ten-day iRest silent retreat. Finally, I’ll be in Banff, California again this autumn to assist in a meditation training, and after that training is complete I’m hoping to schedule a few days off the grid.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, two dogs. One real, Soph and one imaginary, David. One fish--Neptune.Michele Vinbury YTT Columbus Ohio_1

Hobbies/interests outside of yoga?
Outdoor adventure. Photography. Poetry. Swimming in the ocean. Touching moss.

What are your nicknames? 
Birdie (literally since the day I was born), Vinny, Shel, Shelli, Shel-Belle, Chilli, Elle.

Who would you consider your main yoga/meditation teachers?
Marcia and Linda.  Richard Miller and Stephanie Lopez.  Adyashanti. I’m influenced by Annie Carpenter, Sianna Sherman and also Doug Keller. I enjoy Meghan Currie’s practices too.

Do you have a fave yoga pose – if so, what is it?
Ustrasana – because my body so needs this shape.

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