Love As A Mountain

Love As A Mountain

Nature has an astounding way of showing us who we really are. It mirrors our perfection in infinite ways and forms and perpetually points us to our home ground of Being that is ever present, still, open, and unperturbed.

I have the great privilege to live in a National Park in the Canadian Rockies, where nature’s magnanimous beauty is waiting to be revealed in every moment and glance. It is rare for a day to go by in which my heart has not been slayed open by some subtle or spectacular scene.

On one of my favorite local walks there is a lakeside bench that rests at the foot of Cascade Mountain whose peak reaches almost 3000 meters or over 9800 feet high. I will often perch myself here, on the bench, and open. Not out of intention. Openness simply happens.

At first it is an opening of the senses that quickly and spontaneously opens in all directions and I feel myself AS the mountain, as the sky, and as openness itself.

I am struck by the flavors of each object. The lake, the trees, the mountain seem to have unique feeling qualities. Yet each of these occurring within the One flavor of True Nature.

Cascade Mountain stands like an ominous pyramid, towering over the valley. As I open to it’s Presence, I feel a deep resonance like the continuous Om that the monks of the east chant, and a profound love that cascades in and through me and my heart opens into infinity.

I notice thoughts proclaiming, “I love this” as ego’s way to affirm itself and yet there is a sensing through to the truth and simplicity of pure open love without a “me”. Love As a lake. Love AS the sky. Love AS a mountain.

Anne Douglas