Karine Wascher on the Sekoia Journey

We all hold the keys to abundant and radiant Wellness within our Self.
These are always accessible and always free. Yoga teaches us this Divine Truth.
Sekoia Yoga seeks to activate it, one breath at a time.
 -- Karine Wascher

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Sekoia Yoga is a multi-sensory yoga experience devoted to the transformational powers of a combined physical/spiritual practice that heightens Prana (life force energy) by vitalizing all the senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell and Taste. It is energizing, both physically and spiritually. It’s also filled with joy and humor.

Every Sekoia class is an exploration of energy—from the opening dharma talk to pranayama practices, asana, essential oil therapy, reiki and meditation—all intimately woven into a potent mix designed to sense the pulsation of our aliveness.

This practice invites us to feel into the sacred light that resides within, our True Power. The Sekoia journey is one of returning to Source, the resting place of truth and our innate wisdom. The dimly lit environment enables this inward exploration. By experiencing Sekoia’s transformative modalities in one class, we encounter our limitless potential and the universal energy that resides within. We honor our true nature, our Self, our Power.

No two classes are ever alike. Every week, students are invited to experience a new theme, a new essential oil experience, a new asana sequence, a new music playlist and a new message of healing and self-love, woven into the practice, like a tapestry of the senses.

The combination of music, lighting, sequencing, oils and pranayama make for a unique experience in every class and the experience allows me to lose myself each time I step into the practice. I feel that Sekoia allows each person to express themselves in a special way.
-- Sekoia student

As the teacher and alchemist channeling my creative Light Force energy, I am both nurtured and inspired by this practice. With Sekoia Yoga, I am experiencing the essence of self-love without judgment.


Sekoia Yoga was born out of a deep and personal desire to experience a new energetic dimension in the yogic lives of its three founders, myself, Jasmine Grace and Michele Vinbury.

We created Sekoia Yoga to experience yoga as a multi-sensory practice, igniting the senses: sight, sound, smell and touch. Inspired by the self-preserving properties of the majestic sequoia tree, which produces sap containing high levels of potent tannic acids, we created this practice by combining some of our favorite modalities into a yogic style that honors the senses as a gateway to connecting to our truth.

Sekoia Yoga encourages you to journey to the sanctuary of the Soul, where it’s OK to meet yourself where you are today, in all of your glorious messiness; where it’s OK to laugh or cry, and to be raw.

Sekoia has been an incredible resource for me, a life line. It combines different modalities that have helped me with depression, anxiety, PTSDs and stress. When I leave a Sekoia class my body is transformed—I am relaxed. The involvement of the different senses allows me to be more present and in-tune. Sekoia class has become a place that nourishes my body, mind, and spirit.
-- Sekoia student

by Karine Wascher
200 ERYT, co-creator and co-founder of Sekoia