Home to Business, Home to a Mission

By Jasmine Grace

As many of you know, I just returned from a three-week vacation visiting my mother and family in New Zealand, my homeland. I went with my husband, Jeremy, and 4 year-old-daughter Isabella. It was an enriching trip in many ways. It was a gift to share my home country and extended family with Jeremy and Isabella. On this trip I rediscovered the beauty of New Zealand -- looking at things through the eyes of my daughter who had never seen a waterfall, or spent multiple days just hanging on the beach making sandcastles, or swimming in the salty Pacific ocean. We saw ocean caves, walked the beach collecting shells older than Isabella, going horseback riding, and of course being spoiled by my Mother (that’s Grandma to Isabella). In short, it was a trip of a lifetime.

In visiting my extended family I also rediscovered how proud I am of my heritage, the legacy left behind by my Mother’s parents. Sometime during the trip (after visiting one of the numerous businesses my family owns) my husband turned to me and said, “Do you realize that everyone in your family owns their own successful business?” I said proudly, “Yes, entrepreneurship is in our blood.” This conversation made me smile. My husband always has an uncanny way of pointing things out to me that ignite my creative thoughts. And so I began thinking about why I love the art of doing business and why my family excels in this area. What is it in all of us that makes us who we are? What did my Mother’s parents instill in us all that we all are in business? In searching my thoughts I found that they are all committed to details, quality, and personalized service. They see what they do as an extension of themselves and bring creativity, passion, hard work, and purpose to their endeavors. They go the extra mile and make a difference. I know these qualities came from my Grandparents and I feel blessed for the time I got to spend with them when they were alive.

So why do I share this, what does it have to do with Yoga on High? Well this Sunday I am teaching a workshop (with Linda Oshins and special guest Lori Guth Moffett), The Business of Yoga, and as I have been preparing this experiential and informative meeting I couldn’t avoid adding a section on vision & mission to help yoga teachers who are trying to understand more about branding themselves discover what drives them and how they can use this passion to attain their goals and manifest their dreams. Knowing your purpose, feeling it in your body and hearing it in your inner thoughts brings you one step closer to living your best life. Let’s face it, when you are living your best life, you are helping more people and contributing to the wellness of the greater community. Humanity definitely needs more of this!

Quite often we don’t take the time to write a vision or mission statement. At
Yoga on High we recently rewrote ours and we wanted to share it with you:

Yoga on High -- Our Mission Statement
At Yoga on High, we want to ensure yoga is accessible to everyone by offering various practices and forms of asana, meditation, Reiki, teacher training and various healing modalities.
We aspire
• To be an inclusive community of teachers and students, practicing and studying together for the purpose of health and fitness, wellbeing, self-awareness, and transformation.
• To have well-trained, experienced teachers that meet each student where they are, supporting the student’s intention for practicing yoga.
• To do this within an environment that welcomes diversity with a joyous spirit.

Our Values
Yoga on High is committed to the highest quality in all we do—from our staff, our teachers, all our programs, customer service and communication with our students, and the Yoga on High studio environment. We have highly trained, experienced and responsible teachers and staff who are caring and concerned about the goals of the students.
We ensure that everyone who enters Yoga on High is welcomed into an open-minded, non-judgmental and compassionate environment. Our goal is to provide yoga programs that offer something of value to everyone. We encourage students to come as they are, and we will meet them there! Can’t touch your toes, no worries, you don’t need to!
Yoga on High staff commit to being honest and authentic with each other and with students. Simply put, to being real. We strive to be ethical on every level—in our business dealings and our personal relationships. In our relationships we strive to be fully present and committed to living our yogic values and practices.
We are committed to facilitating profound, transformational self-acceptance. We strive to provide teachers, programs and an environment that sustain on-going, holistic approaches to all eight limbs of yoga and that represent and welcome different points of view. Our approach provides students multi-layered, multi-directional courses of study that support a clear, logical progression toward personal development and mastery at each student’s own pace.
Our community is a family that offers inclusive programs for everyone including people who are not able to pay for it. We offer scholarships to Yoga on High programs as well as funding for specially designed programs through the Yoga on High Foundation. We also support numerous local charities.
Our family community involves other yoga studios, local businesses with goals in line with ours, and we strive to establish relationships that are fair and mutually beneficial to all of us.
In addition to our local community, we are a part of a larger yoga community that extends beyond Ohio. Every year we bring nationally and internationally recognized teachers to Yoga on High and into our lives and the lives of our students.
From the moment you enter Yoga on High, you are in sacred space, embracing peace, comfort and refuge. You can put down artifice and defenses and embrace and welcome all aspects of yourself whether you feel joyous and celebratory or are coping with difficult challenges.
At Yoga on High, our programs promote fitness, resilience, wellbeing, self-knowledge, self-acceptance, family, healing, growth, beauty and balance. Yoga on High is a place to be who you are!

One of the many waterfalls we visited in NZ

Being the new CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of Yoga on High I look forward to continuing the legacy that has been started by Martha, Marcia and Linda. I am so proud to be part of this amazing group of ladies. Yoga is my passion, my life and I know this opportunity has manifested from having a clear vision for my life’s purpose. I am thankful for the tools and characters given to me by my family on entrepreneurship and the experiences and knowledge from my past careers (this reminds me to write a blog on gratitude exercises). We should never stop learning or reinventing our selves or the way we do business.

I encourage you all to take the time to create and express yourself with a mission statement defining or perhaps redefining your vision and purpose.

Jasmine Astra-Elle Grace

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  1. daphne

    I am inspired, your energy has brought life to my energy as well. I love contagious energy and your zest for your part in the business at Yoga on High. Most of all I am so happy to hear you had a trip of a lifetime with all the family you love involved! Thank you for sharing. daphne