Here’s to a radiant, healthy summer!

By Michele Vinbury

I love teaching and taking yoga classes in heated rooms. Add to that my love of running, biking and playing in the sun, and I can spend hours a day losing fluid – which can be problematic.  Staying hydrated, as many of you know, is key to optimal performance, healthy skin, proper brain functioning and even injury prevention.  Still, sometimes getting enough water throughout the day can be a challenge, no matter how much I know I need it!  Here are two favorite recipes that help me stick to my hydration goals and keep me feeling great.

Michele at the Mesquite Sand Dunes

Summer Muddle

1 large lime, cut into small wedges
½ cup torn fresh basil leaves
½ cup torn fresh mint leaves
1 tsp. organic evaporated cane juice (or try agave)
2 cups sparkling water
fresh mint for garnish

Place the lime, basil, mint and cane juice/agave in the bottom of a large martini shaker.  Using a wooden spoon, crush the mixture until the lime releases most of its juice and the herbs are lightly bruised.  Top with sparkling water and pour into two ice-filled glasses.


Summer Green Goodness

When I’m looking for something hydrating, but a bit more substantial, this is my go-to shake. My friend, and Hot Flow teacher, Nicole Salvo created it.

6 oz. coconut water or almond milk (apprx, depending how thick you like your smoothie…coconut water is best for hydrating)
handful of chopped spinach
handful of chopped kale
small handful of chopped parsley (mint and cilantro work well too if you have them in the garden or on hand!)
1 frozen banana
and fresh fruit of your choice (optional…I like to add a couple blueberries)

Optional add-ins
maca powder (for hormone stabilizing/energy)
chia seeds (for sustained fullness/energy)
raw hemp powder (for protein)
greens powder of your choice (Nicole uses Athletic greens, I use Vega)

Blend all leafy greens and your liquid together first to ensure you aren’t “chewing” your smoothie.  Then add the frozen banana, optional fruit, and your add-ins.  Blend it up, and enjoy!