Gratitude Guru Heart Opening Flow by Lara Falberg

Lara Falberg Heart Opening SequenceGratitude Guru Heart Opening SequenceA simple, effective, accessible, and lovely way to begin the practice from a perspective of gratitude and not taking anything for granted.

  • Begin in Supta Baddha Konasana, propped. Turn three-part breath into a gratitude practice. Fill the belly with gratitude for the fullness of your life, the ability to draw breath, and sustenance to sustain life. Fill the ribs that protect our hearts with love for everyone around you and love for yourself. Fill the chest with even more oxygen and feel the burst of gratitude for the life you’ve created and all the loving thoughts, ideas, and creations an oxygen-rich brain can develop. Let it out just as slowly, giving yourself permission to release old stories that aren’t true and don’t position you towards gratitude.

Cat/Cow, lingering anywhere that feels especially good, mentally saying the words ‘thank-you’ for the way your body will move and the space you’re creating

  • Child’s Pose. If the knees are wide, take the opportunity to melt your heart towards the earth, saying thank-you for the support. If knees together, saying thank you to your legs for support and for working so well on your behalf.
  • Supported Virasana. Place the hands behind the head with the thumbs supporting the stem of your neck, offering yourself support and your lungs a chance to billow more openly. Say thank-you to all the people in your life and environments that offer so much enrichment.

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