Finding Grace Right Outside Our Window

by Martha Marcom

Here in the Short North, we are graced with lots of art! In addition to the general, colorful nature of our neighborhood with its diverse cast of characters, there are numerous galleries and some exciting public art. Two of these public art pieces have a direct Yoga on High connection. The first is entitled Shadows Extending, which is painted on the side of our building at 1081 N. High Street—easy to miss if you come to YOHI from the South, West or East!



Marty Husted created Shadows Extending, sponsored by Studios on High Gallery. This is one of ten works sponsored by local galleries along with the Short North Alliance.
Here is a link to a map of all ten of these “mini murals”.




Art is not eternal! This mural below will soon be gone, when construction for the offices of The Joseph Hotel begins in earnest.

The artists, Curtis Goldstein and Michelle Attras, were both students of Yoga on High a while back, when they were painting this mural. We hope to see them again one of these days--Curtis and Michelle, drop us a line!

This mural is a George Bellows painting. Bellows was a Columbus artist who worked and lived in the current home of two contemporary Columbus artists, the multi-talented Eric Marlow and YOHI’s own Gail Larned. Their home, which is now a stunning work of art in itself, was condemned when Larned/Marlow rescued and revived it. If you are from out of town, visiting YOHI, you could stay in this historic home. Here’s the link to pictures of the accommodations.


And just because I love it so, here is the long-awaited fountain at Goodale Park. Malcolm Cochran is the artist of this piece. He and many other people, especially the Friends of Goodale Park, are responsible for holding the vision and raising the money for this splashy art work. I admit that I saw no need for a new fountain at first, as I found the old pile of rocks which spurted water to be perfectly adequate, providing a soothing sound and aerating the pond. But this new fountain is a continual delight and is over-the-top outlandishly charming! The fountain pays tribute to the Wedding Gazebo near the pond, which is the setting for many weddings in all seasons. The spouting elephants refer to the historical Sells home, aka The Circus House, at the corner of Buttles and Denison. It was the home of the founder of the Sells Circus, and, as the story goes, some of the circus animals wintered in the basement of the manse. The fountain is glorious at night, and will be a vision when it freezes. Here it is in mid-autumn, shortly after it came on line!

We hope our YOHI students and many visitors will explore the liveliness of our neighborhood—the High Street shops as well as the shady back avenues of Victorian Village. Historic Goodale Park is a pleasant walk from our corner at High and 3rd Avenue and can’t be beat for enjoying the changing seasons right in the midst of the city. You may glimpse a wedding, joyous dogs at play, and the resident hawks, along with the magnolia groves, overflowing gardens and a very unique fountain!