Featured Teacher: Correna Starbuck

Why do you practice? To find the best version of myself.

Why do you teach? in hopes to give people a taste of the joy that yoga has given me.

Who have you trained with? The wonderful staff at YOHI.

What style do you teach? Ashtanga and prenatal.

What’s your favorite food? Butter, it makes everything taste better!

Do you own any animals? One senior kitty.

What’s on your playlist right now? Beacon by Matt Duncan, Form by Polica and Gypsy by Garden and Villa

What’s your favorite yoga accessory? A small purple block.

What style influences your teaching? Fun and sense of adventure. Is that a style?

Favorite yoga pose? The Kurmasanas. I love the jumping/lifting challenges here. Plus it’s such a great reminder of bit by bit, breath by breath.

Your favorite item of clothing? At this moment it is a vintage tuxedo jacket that I snagged from the thrift store. Next week, who knows!

In the animal kingdom, which animal would you be? A sparrow. Little, friendly and curious but also happy to fly around on my own.

Backpacking or a luxury hotel? Luxury hotel, hands down!

Who do you admire? My grandmother. She had an everyday meditation practice in gardening and quilting that I still find inspirational.

Fun fact about you? i can snap with both hands. i just recently learned this is a thing!

3 Responses to Featured Teacher: Correna Starbuck
  1. Emily

    Correna, you sound like a woman after my own heart! Except I can’t snap my fingers at all. 🙁

  2. Jennifer

    Loved learning more about you Correna!

  3. Janine and Mary

    Dear Correna,

    We are going to miss you on Sundays at Beginner Ashtanga!! Hope to see you in another class real soon!!

    Thanks for everything!!
    Janine and Mary