Ellen Smith: Adventure

TTsI began the Yoga on High teacher training program with the sole focus of wanting to become a yoga instructor. What transpired over the next nine months was an amazing journey that brought me not only my RYT-200, but also a deeper understanding of myself and the connection of mind, body and spirit. I was in awe my first night of class when we were invited to “empty your cup.” At that point I can say now without judgement or embarrassment that my yoga practice was more ego driven, muscling through poses regardless of form or safe technique. So that first night when we were invited to empty our cup and let go of what we thought we knew, to make space to truly learn, I made the conscious decision to check my ego, cup empty, let the adventure begin.

Over the next nine months the diverse group of dedicated instructors inspired me with their knowledge of all things yoga…….anatomy, pranayama, meditation, subtle energy, sequencing, adjusting, and even marketing. Each lesson was delivered in an intelligent accessible format, providing a comprehensive program that was both fun and challenging. From the reading and written assignments, to assisting and practice teaching; I found the progression of the program perfectly provided me the opportunity to develop the skills I needed as a teacher to help my students grow and deepen their practice. I feel I was given a solid knowledge base as well as a supportive space to establish my own unique teaching style.
I am grateful for the education I received through the Yoga on High teacher training program. I was met with several personal challenges during my training that allowed me to experience first-hand the transformational power of yoga. While the textbooks from the program have become a resource library that I constantly refer back to for the wealth of information they provide, it is what I learned on a personal level while in the program that I come back to on a daily basis…”yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s what you learn on the way down.”

Ellen_Smith_TTEllen Smith is a graduate of the 200 Hour Yoga on High Teacher Training.

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