Congratulations to Marianne O’Neil

yohigh_011Congratulations to Marianne O’Neil

Graduate of the Yoga on High 300-hour (Advanced) Teacher Training Program, completed June, 2015

My interests in yoga are as varied as yoga itself! I began as a young adult practicing breath work and poses in the Hatha style, but now I often find myself wanting a more vigorous Ashtanga-styled practice paired with pranayama and yoga nidra. In the last several years I have worked closely with Mary Sinclair, our local expert on Balance®, which teaches postural training. The Kundalini teachings of Yogi Bajan are also part of my regular practice. I find that all of the seemingly disparate practices mysteriously work together as a reflection of the universe itself. Richard Freeman calls it The Jeweled Net of Indra, where all practices are jewels connected by the net that leads to all other jewels, and to the heart of yoga that is the intimate relationship with the inner Self. My hope is that I can bring that understanding of the various practices to the students who I teach as well.

My practicum project was a 7-week corporate class designed to show how to handle mixed-level classes. The postures and sequences in the lesson plans resulted from teaching classes to students with a wide range of abilities—from practicing simple poses sitting in a chair to practicing more advanced asanas. Generally, these are introductory Hatha-style classes that can be tailored to the abilities and needs of each group of students. It is fun to offer the benefits of yoga as a deep practice for those who are experienced yoga practitioners, and at the same time to present the basic elements of movement and safety for those who are just beginning to explore yoga.

The Tuesday morning pranayama class at YOHI is one of the classes that I teach regularly, as well as an iRest Yoga Nidra class for a client of Yoga on High Foundation at their workplace. I also assist Jennifer Gebhart in the Monday MS class. In addition, I am honored to sub for my colleagues’ Hatha or iRest classes at YOHI when available. Although I do not currently have any private clients, I have worked with several in the past and welcome that opportunity should it present itself again. You can reach me through Yoga on High or at

I am grateful for the generous support and mentoring of all of my YOHI colleagues, the wonderful guest teachers, and all of the other students and patrons of Yoga on High. Namaste and Wahe Guru!

For more information on the 300-hour Teacher Training Program, follow this link.