Beginner’s Mind

By Marcia Miller

This is the beginning of our Yoga on High blog and we hope you’ll join us on this new adventure.  Linda, Martha and I will share entries from time to time so you can see a range of thoughts from yoga-infused minds. 

These days I’m very much immersed in beginnings.  As many of you know I broke my ankle in 3 places in April.  I’m now up and about but very aware of so many recent firsts. I recall with great joy the first time I could get into the bathtub by myself.  That took about 5 weeks, was very scary and took every once of my strength.  But what a relief to be able to choose the time I could get clean.  It was a huge effort to get me clean before that—requiring lots of time and energy from both my husband and myself.  And I clearly remember standing at my bathroom sink for the first time with two feet on the ground!  It took about 8 weeks of healing to get to that point.   My first downward facing dog was tentative but blissful and I’m gradually adding in some of my favorite practices each week.  Each new thing I can do again brings waves of gratitude and I find that I am much more aware of the sorts of things I might have not given full attention to in the past.  Just to go down a stair or two takes my full attention and I am so grateful to be able to navigate this simple task on my feet instead of my butt, without a walker or crutches.  It took many weeks to get up the nerve to try my first handstand.  I did it in shoes to offer support to my weakened ankles.  Do you realize how much ankle flexibility it takes to leap up in a handstand?  I had no idea until now. But the exhilaration that I remembered was still there and that was great for my soul.  And after being lovingly cared for by my husband, Kevin, I was ecstatic to be able to wash a couple of dishes one day a couple of weeks ago.  I will not be taking any of my daily tasks for granted in the near future.  Nearly every moment has been an opportunity for celebration since I have been doing everything for the first time again.

2 Responses to Beginner’s Mind
  1. Bill

    Yes Marcia, the simplest of things that are taken for granted in our lives can often be the most challenging when they are compromised. One simple sprain of the wrist brought me back to square zero in a fun practice w/ chakrasana. “But wait! I can make this heal fast…” No the body heals at it’s own time and pace with so many factors of influence. “What no downward dog either? Oh come on there must be some way around this.” Yes it’s starting all over again to first find the flexibility and then to improve the strength to undertake the task at hand, in this case the fun of chakrasana!

  2. marciasm

    thanks for your gorgeous example of exactly what I was talking about!