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Yogis of the Month: Jen and Delene

This month we are honored to feature two Manduka Yogis of the Month!  Jen and Delene are two if the most inspiring women, and dedicated yogis we’ve had the pleasure to meet.   The duo regularly attend both Lara and Jasmine’s classes, traveling from Lancaster several times a week to do so.  They set such a positive example by embracing challenges and life with an attitude of possibility and opportunity. These best friends contribute so much positive energy to our practice and studio and we are grateful to know them!
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Joy to the World and Thanks to You!

By Martha Marcom

Yesterday I met with my surgeon, Dr. Floor Backes, who outlined the final steps of my treatment and I have some joyful news to share about my cancer treatment. My tumor markers, reflected in a C125 score, have returned to normal. They went from 106 in September, just after the debulking surgery, then to 13 in November after two heavy-duty rounds of chemo were administered directly into my peritoneal cavity. And the blood work for yesterday’s treatment indicated a score of 6, which is normal. I happily agreed to the IV chemo Dr. Backes suggested for yesterday and for my final treatment on December 31. I will need a small surgery to remove that peritoneal port.

So, I will be finished with treatment this year and start my recovery on New Year’s Day of 2015!

Dr. Backes did say I shouldn’t travel until after that last treatment, and surgery, which means Jerry and I won’t be able to join our family in Mexico over Christmas. We already feel great joy knowing their happiness in being together in a beautiful warm place. The thing we most wanted to see was the three little toddler cousins playing together on the beach. And being with all of our loved ones relaxing and catching up with those who live far away. I will be following my brilliant and wise doctor’s orders, stay home and enjoy from afar.

Sanskrit has a specific word for the kind of joy you feel when enjoying the happiness of others--mudita. Celebrating mudita, finding happiness in the glad hearts of others, is a way to increase the amount of joy in your own life. Who couldn’t use a bit more joy? Why not an unlimited amount more?

Mudita is some of what you’ve been sharing with me, along with shouldering my suffering. I don’t doubt the power of your good will, prayers, sending me light and love and Reiki and Blessings of all kinds and from a beautiful variety of religions. I credit my success in healing to your constant flow of energy-- that I can feel in my body and soul. I am grateful and humble for the power of your prayer and attention.

May you have the unlimited version of happiness this holiday season, and rest and ease and deliciousness in food and company with lots of light and love in your heart.

With gratitude, and love to each of you!

Originally posted on CaringBridge.



Yogi of the Month: Vanessa

Meet this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month, Vanessa Welch! Vanessa has been coming to Yoga on High since before we had a computer system. She has been practicing for 23 years with Marcia Miller and teaches as well. She takes everything here--sometimes in the same day. She is always cheerful and glad to be here. Vanessa is a pleasure to be around and brings joy to our yoga community. Read More…


Yogi of the Month: Stacia

Meet this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month! Stacia is a thoughtful, fun and adventurous student.  The classes she takes span our schedule, aerial, slow burn, ashtanga, urban zen, deep release and yohikes.  We are always happy to see her walk in, often wearing vibrant colors and a cheerful smile.  We also deeply appreciate her commitment to her practice and her support of the Yoga on High Foundation and its programs.  Congrats to our newest Yogi of the Month! Read More…


Yogi of the Month: Kelle

Meet this month’s Manudka Yogi of the Month! Kelle Giese started Morning Mysore about 5 months ago after her son urged her to try it. Mysore was her first experience with yoga and she was immediately drawn to its simple approach to Ashtanga yoga. Kelle started yoga later in life, so the process of adding poses one at a time made sense--especially since she was just coming off of a foot injury when she first came to class. One of Kelle’s biggest successes is that even though she was recovering from an injury she still made it a point to come to class every day. Since she started Morning Mysore, Kelle has not missed a day and her presence in the room inspired everyone to work through their “stuff”. Congrats to our newest Yogi of the Month! Read More…

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