Any Amount

By Jennifer Gebhart

The Multiple Sclerosis students arrive 15 minutes early to be set up in a restorative position to calm the nervous system and rest from the chronic fatigue many of them suffer.   As they sat up for our greeting and announcements, everyone seemed to be bright eyed and have garnered some energy from their respite. The last announcement was Yoga on High’s third annual involvement in the mission to stop Human Trafficking.  I announced to the class that I did not expect them to participate in this event but wanted them to be aware of events in our community. WAIT! It dawned on me—literally, a light bulb went off in my head—that although they could not do 108 sun salutations on March 11 due to their MS, they could do 108 sun salutes between now and March 11. This would make about 5 sun salutes a day. Five a day may sound easy to some people, but it would be an incredible accomplishment for this group!  There are challenges with completing 5 sun salutes a day such as remembering the sequence of poses, even after multiple repetitions, and the fatigue and dizziness that seems to be engulfing the class lately.


The class members are enthusiastic about having a goal and a “purpose driven practice.”  I have been encouraging them to practice a little every day, which can often ease the symptoms of MS.  Now they have a goal to work towards.  Many have begun researching this devastating problem of Human Trafficking and feel their practice can help others, if not with money, with dedication and intention.

I am also looking forward to the results of how their daily practice will affect them and their symptoms.  Stay tuned.

One Response to Any Amount
  1. Katherine Dufrane

    Hi Jenifer,
    I feel so inspired by your title “Any Amount” for my own practices…… and totally uplifted by the inspiration of your students to help those caught in such a hopeless grip of horror. Thank you for inspiring them!
    with love and blessings, Katherine