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Linda Chun and Morning Mysore


Linda Chun

I am into my fifth month of teaching morning Mysore. Over the last several months I’ve had the chance to observe and contemplate things in a renewed way. Communicating so publically is not my natural tendency. However, I wouldn’t want people to misinterpret my fly-under-the-radar style as lack of interest or reflection. So here I am to share some thoughts.

The thing that I find myself coming back to repeatedly is this: The practice is the teacher.

I first started practicing ashtanga yoga 15 years ago. I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of Columbus’ ashtanga community, which has been around for at least that many years. Our awesome city draws the finest visiting teachers. We are home to passionate yogis who were dedicated to establishing ashtanga yoga here. This includes our very own, Martha Marcom. I’m forever grateful.

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Quantifying the Impact of Urban Zen

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy™ is a program that takes gentle yoga practices, along with Reiki and essential oil therapy, to patients in health care facilities, their families and their on-staff caregivers. It is designed to address the symptoms that often accompany illness and injury—pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion. Urban Zen therapy is extended to patients’ family members and caregivers because some or all of these same symptoms arise in them as a result of the stresses around caring for a loved one or patient who is ill or dying . Read More…

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