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Yogi of the Month: Lane

Meet Lane, this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month. Lane is a community building yogi committed to her yoga practice as well sharing the benefits of health and wellbeing as a Lululemon Polaris employee. Lane is a proud owner of a new Manduka eKo mat and hand towel. Learn more about this month’s Manduka Yogi of the Month. Read More…


Yoga Anywhere, Anytime

There are yoga poses and practices that are portable and easy to incorporate wherever you are. And they are powerfully effective, especially in the middle of your day. The following picture and note came from Rich Burke who is a helicopter pilot for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He loves his job but every time he goes out it is because a child is sick enough to need a helicopter ride to the hospital. Thankfully there is a helicopter and a pilot to take the child to the hospital. Rich has been a dedicated yogi for a few years now and with his short hair and military bearing (just retired from service after many years) he can talk about yoga to other men and then tend to listen to him.


My Med Crew and I had a long night last night. When things slowed down we stopped in the cafeteria at Children’s and talked about yoga, Urban Zen and self care. After we finished we had to wait for hospital security on the fourth floor of the hospital. (They have to be present when we take off or land at the hospital). Since we had a moment to wait my inner Yogi came out and my crew and I took a few moments for a bit of restorative yoga. Thank you, Marcia, Gail. Lori, and the rest of the YoHi staff for what I’ve learned from you all!! ~ Rich Burkeimage1

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