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Yogi of the Month: Jenn

Meet this month’s Yogi of the Month! Jenn Gebhart is a spirited member of our YOHI community. She teaches MS, Prenatal and Mommy & Baby classes at YOHI, in addition to being a dedicated yoga student herself.   She truly lives her practice and is committed to her students needs, by sharing her wisdom and always being present with a thoughtful ear.  Her bubbly personality is infectious and she truly inspires us all.  Each Month Yoga on High is happy to partner with Manduka to feature a Yogi of the Month.  Learn more about this month’s Yogi of the Month, Jenn! Read More…


The True Nature of Self Care

Be the Change. As much as Gandhi’s words have become, perhaps, overused, I still feel warm-hearted when I see them with a pretty photo backdrop as a friend’s Facebook share. They are heart-centered, uplifting by nature. And yet I remember when it was first suggested to me in a yoga class, some 20+ years ago, that my yoga practice benefitted the entire planet, I doubted it. I wanted to believe that it could, and it even felt really good to imagine that it could. But, when my mind considered it, it made no sense. When I looked at the idea with the focus of a magnifying glass, it fell apart – my little mind, my little world, my little self. “Practicing yoga is selfish,” I heard my little mind say. How could this practice that I thought was so selfish benefit the world? Even as I couldn’t see that it did, I decided that, for a while each week, I could be selfish. Read More…

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