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Profile of a Yogi: Lindsey Wallace

This is the first in a series of features on YOHI Teacher Training Institute graduates and students. Stay tuned each week to learn more about how Teacher Training (TT) has helped these yogis learn, grow and blossom in our community and elsewhere!

“I love turning the world upside down and gaining a new perspective,” said Lindsey Wallace, who completed her 200-hour certification in August 2012 from Yoga on High’s Teacher Training Institute. It’s no wonder then, that one of her favorite yoga poses is sirsasana (headstand). Now living in New York City, Lindsey is a student, teacher and research assistant, earning her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University Teachers College. With a focus on Spirituality and Mind/Body Interventions, Lindsey continually has a chance to see things from a new perspective, whether it’s in the classroom or on the yoga mat. Read More…


Strong, Beautiful, Grateful, Deserving

by Michele Vinbury

We are faced with hundreds of choices a day, from whether to get up when the alarm goes off, to how to respond to the morning news, where to eat for lunch and how many books to read our kids at bedtime.  How we make these choices is one of the keys to living with intention and achieving your aspirations.

In my 20’s I became interested in heath and fitness, and through these pursuits, I learned the basics of goal setting.  To be effective, goals should be written, attainable, measurable and time bound.  I achieved some successes using this method, but it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I was truly inspired to put goal writing and intention setting into my daily routine.  I embraced this as a way of life, from fitness and health goals to parenting and personality aspirations, and was amazed by the results.

By putting some simple practices into place, I realized that I was capable of making things happen, and ultimately, creating the life I wanted to have. Read More…


With My Hands In Prayer

By Stephanie Estice

I took my first swimming class at the age of 20. I was spending a summer at UC Berkeley, taking an intro to genetics class. I had never learned to swim, and I thought it would be an interesting challenge and maybe fun to finally learn. I grew up in a suburb where everyone took swimming lessons. My parents both worked, which at that time was still a relatively new thing, and they weren’t plugged into some of the social expectations of where we lived. So I had no swimming lessons as a child, even though we spent every summer by a lake in northern Michigan. Which is how I found myself as a young adult, in a rooftop pool in Berkeley, California, attempting to learn all these strokes. Read More…

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