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Here’s to a radiant, healthy summer!

By Michele Vinbury

I love teaching and taking yoga classes in heated rooms. Add to that my love of running, biking and playing in the sun, and I can spend hours a day losing fluid – which can be problematic.  Staying hydrated, as many of you know, is key to optimal performance, healthy skin, proper brain functioning and even injury prevention.  Still, sometimes getting enough water throughout the day can be a challenge, no matter how much I know I need it!  Here are two favorite recipes that help me stick to my hydration goals and keep me feeling great. Read More…


Offering Prenatal Support through Yoga

by Jennifer Gebhart

Teaching Prenatal Yoga allows you the opportunity to empower women during this special and sacred time of their life. Pregnancy can create a flurry of emotions due to the physical changes it involves as well as fears about the baby’s health, laboring and mothering. As a yoga teacher you can offer a sacred space for the pregnant woman to slow down, tune into her body, and build a community of support. You can teach her ways to find comfort and ease in her changing body, while celebrating the life she is creating. Often women turn to yoga for the first time while pregnant because other forms of physical activity become too challenging and they hear how Prenatal Yoga offers them a time to bond with the baby and tools for labor. To avoid feeling isolated pregnant women can connect with one another is Prenatal Yoga classes, too. I’ve had many Prenatal Yoga Class students stay connected with one another, even after having their second children. What a gift this is in our fast paced, detached society. Read More…

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